Omsk girls

From my 10 years of looking for female beauty around the world, I can say that the Russian city of Omsk has the best looking female species on earth.

As a big admirer of Eastern European and Eurasian female beauty, my opinion might seem one biased, but in fact, my love for this particular look comes from the combination of feminine body and beautiful facial structure, a facial structure that combines the European look with the Asian look, making an exotic feminine beauty like no other.

Omsk has 1 million inhabitants, not exactly a small secluded town, its the seventh biggest in the whole of the Russian Federation. Going to this city would be as easy and comfortable as going to any other major European city.

I recommend going there for a short visit at first, and see for yourself the walking gorgeousness on the streets, its like being in a city of miss universe contestants.

After seeing the girls in this amazing city, I can’t find much similar attractiveness anywhere else in the world, All I can say is: I’m hooked. In fact, in a bad way. Now I know what I like in women, but now the question is: will they like me?