Russian women Arab men

This is Ahmed, a citizen of the UAE, but living in London, UK at the moment. I will tell you here how i found my lovely wife from Russia.

Two years ago i had a pretty much boring life i can say. I wanted to settle down and start a family, which is the most beautiful thing anyone can do. I decided to try something new, it’s not that new actually, it’s called the internet, so i began registering in several dating sites, some arab others non-arab. I did not care about religion, race or culture, i just wanted someone to feel happy with, it’s that simple.

I registered in a couple of Russian and Ukrainian dating websites. Why russian? because after looking at some profiles i immediately realized how beautiful these women were, and who doesn’t like a good looking woman?! So i said.. let’s try and see where is this going.

One of the sites i had the best results with, was this one, although can be a little pricy, it is definitely has the best available service in this domain.

I had several responses from several ladies, one lady of them i was particularly attracted to. And after several months (yes months!) i told her i’m going to visit her, she agreed. Next day i booked the plane ticket.

We married in St Petersburg, and now living in UK, i can tell you one thing, i am the most lucky man in the world to marry her! I hope the best of luck for everyone reading this to reach his dreams.