Ukrainian women vs Russian women

They speak same language, they have same culture, same names and almost same looks. but is there any difference between these two categories?

Surely humans cannot be classified according to their nationality or race, and every single woman (and man for that matter) has his own character, personality, interests, and looks. Anyway, a list of things to look for according to some men that had experiences with these women in the past.

1. Ukrainian women have more percentage per capita of gold diggers, that is, women that are looking for an old rich man, or simply for a western passport, and i mean ANY western passport.

2. Russian women are more picky in their choices, and wouldn’t respond to most messages unless they are from Mr Perfect (according to their judgment.)

3. Ukrainian women tend to be more beautiful though, and more feminine (at least in my opinion.)

4. Russian women are less serious than Ukrainian women, a lot of them will create profiles and upload pictures just for fun, or to see who will see them beautiful or say about them.

Having said this, I got to say that a lot of honest women are out their, and only trying the internet dating to find a true match with them, someone who has similar interests, personality, ethics and character, to have as a life partner. they do exist, you have only to try, and be patient.