Wife material women from the Russian east

If you are on a mission to find your future wife on this planet earth, it will most likely be from Russia or Asia, and if you are to be more specific about the exact region or city in Russia, the answer would be in the eastern cities and towns of the vast Russian Federation, and to some extent, the smaller towns in Ukraine

Who said that? well this was a part of the Bachelor’s bible, a sacred book every single man should know about

But seriously, where can I, a single guy looking for love, search for a good wife or female companion in this big world. Some people in the states complain all the time about their women, and the lack of femininity..etc. Maybe you are not lucky in love, maybe you are not a catch yourself, in the west at least

While in the western world a six-pack is one of the requirements to be dateable to some women,  in the east, the man is still viewed as a man, protector, lover, and a leader. In essence, if you want to have a happy and functioning marital life, your only option happens to be in the east nowadays